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AppViz 2.3 Launched with iBooks Support

We're excited to announce that AppViz 2.3 is out, with full support for the iBookstore. You can now download your sales reports, reviews, and rankings from all around the world and see them all in one place. If you're in multiple stores you can see your books right alongside your apps, and summarize sales of both together to get your total sales.

This release also contains some performance improvements and bug fixes, so it's recommended for everyone. As always, let us know what you think!

Dustin, Dylan and Mike @ IdeaSwarm

AppViz 2.2 Launched - Mountain Lion and Retina display support and bug fixes

It's a brave new world out there. With the imminent release of Mountain Lion and the brand new Macbook Pro and its spiffy Retina display, it's time for another AppViz update. This one's a big one, so we've bumped the version number to 2.2 to reflect the size of the changes. We've included full support for Mountain Lion and the Retina Macbook Pro, ranking performance improvements, running without the main window open, and a number of more minor bug fixes and improvements. Let us know what you think!

Dustin, Dylan and Mike @ IdeaSwarm

AppViz 2.1.2 Launched - Purchase from inside the app, Bug Fixes

AppViz 2 now has an embedded store front for purchasing that handles licensing automatically. This should make it easier to purchase licenses and avoid PayPal problems. This comes courtesy of the excellent, our new payment processor. You can still purchase at if the embedded store doesn't work for you, but we'll be transitioning away from it toward an all FastSpring store in the future. If you have existing coupons be sure to use the old store, since we can't move the older coupons over. Please contact us at support if you encounter any issues.

This release also includes a number of bug and performance fixes and is recommended for everyone. You can get it by checking for updates from the AppViz menu.

Dustin, Dylan and Mike @ IdeaSwarm

AppViz 2 Holiday Sale!

AppViz 2 is now on sale for 20% off, and will be through Friday, December 23rd. If you'd like to buy AppViz as a gift for someone else, we can change over licenses for you and email them out; just contact us at support and we'll get you set up.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
Dustin, Dylan and Mike @ IdeaSwarm

Happy holidays! - AppViz 2.1 released with new graphs and improvements

Here we are at the end of another year. Thanks to everyone for helping support this little endeavor of ours, and making this year an incredible one. We wish you all the best, and hope that AppViz is showing you amazing sales during this holiday season.

The holiday's wouldn't be complete without a gift from us, so we've been working to get some new much requested features into AppViz, and they're finally ready. AppViz 2.1 is now available for download! This is the first of what we hope will be several 'feature dots', small releases that contain feature improvements to AppViz 2. You can get it by checking for updates the usual way or from the main ideaswarm page. In this release we have:

  • New Chart: Country pie chart that shows a breakdown of your sales by country
  • New Chart: Rolling averages by 7 day, 15 day, and 30 day intervals
  • Combined graphs are back! There's a new checkbox on the Graphs tab to enable this behavior.
  • Improved Performance: New memory management and bug fixes for several memory leaks during download
  • Full support for the new China region
  • Graphs now show localized dates
  • Improved support for the Newsstand category
  • Less annoying message log behavior ( the icon now reflects just the last download )
  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements

We're happy to finally have this out. Let us know what you think. As always, please send your ideas, feedback, and any pesky bugs to

Also, we'd like to remind everyone that iTunes Connect will be shut down for the holidays from Thursday, December 22 to Thursday, December 29. During that period AppViz will probably not be able to grab your reports. Once everything is back up it should be able to grab the missing reports.

Happy holidays!
Dustin, Dylan and Mike @ IdeaSwarm

AppViz 2 is here!

We're excited to announce that AppViz 2 is available for purchase. It seems like two years have just flown by. We've put a lot of love into this release, and in addition to a ton of new features nearly every piece of the app has received polish and improvements. AppViz 2 is packed with new features including iAds, automated downloads, collections, events, a new user interface and improved graphing library to make your data more accessible than ever.

AppViz 2 is available for $49.00, and we're offering a new 'family pack' - 5 copies for $99.00. We've also got new site licensing available. Users upgrading from AppViz 1 will receive a coupon in their email within the next day or so for $24 off any of these price points. If you don't receive an email by tomorrow, please contact us and we'll get it sorted out. Additionally, people who bought within the last month will receive a free upgrade, also via email.

We're happy to put this release into the hands of our customers. Let us know what you think. As always, please send your ideas, feedback, and any pesky bugs to

Dustin, Dylan and Mike @ IdeaSwarm

2010 In Review: An IdeaSwarm Update

Whew! Time is flying by. Another whole year has passed. This year saw the release of the iPad, the iPhone 4, iAds, and a whole lot of great software for iOS and the Mac by indies and big companies alike. As we look at the last year here at IdeaSwarm, the following highlights come to mind:

  • We've done more than 20 free updates to AppViz in the last year alone, adding new features and keeping up with changes to Connect. (We've done more than 40 updates total!)
  • The longest time between a major Connect change and an AppViz update was a day. The shortest time was about an hour. Our integrations guy doesn't sleep much.
  • 1 new programmer was cajoled into leaving his job at BigCo and into working here at our indie startup. He has since learned to love ramen. This brings IdeaSwarm up to 3 people total. Watch out, BigCo, we're gearing up!
  • Approximately a bajillion lbs of coffee consumed by 3 people.
  • We released 2 new products: PodViz, for podcasters to track their reviews and rankings and Handoff, an iOS app that lets you send links from your desktop browser to your phone using push notifications.
  • 1 trip to WWDC where we met a whole bunch of you guys and felt the love. Thanks to our customers for making WWDC such a great experience, even the ones who grilled us on new features =)

So, in our great tradition of staying busy, 2011 is already shaping up to be a great year. We're really looking forward to sharing what we've been working on lately with you guys. The really big announcements are a little further down the road, but we just wanted to start the new year off right. Today's big news is, of course, the Mac App Store. We're really excited to see the great apps our customers will be selling there. And we're very happy to announce that, with today's release of AppViz 1.8, we support Mac App Store sales and rankings on day one.

As usual, please contact us on Twitter or via email at if you have any questions, concerns, comments, kudos, or just want to tell us what cool new thing you're working on. Good luck in all your app endeavors. We hope to support you for years to come. Happy 2011!

Dustin, Dylan, and Mike
The IdeaSwarm Team